How Google Classroom can be used for blended learning

I chanced on this video through a tweet I read. I think this is an interesting example showing that Google Classroom can be used alongside Sharepoint and/or VLEs. So retweeted to #FLble1 – very relevant to Week 3, I think.


Getting training in digital

From Week 2.6

Getting training

This article provides some useful links to online materials and training resources to help boost your IT and digital literacy skills. You may find it useful to look at them all briefly and then choose one that best suits your style of learning and your needs.

If you have found useful resources on the web for improving your IT and digital literacy skills, feel free to share them with other participants in the comments section, and we will collate the links for everyone.

BBC Webwise – A wide range of learning materials about online security, social media, online searching and use of games consoles.

Microsoft Digital Literacy – Three levels of curriculum about digital literacy skills: basic, standard and advanced.

JISC Developing your digital literacy Design Studio – An extensive range of resources to support your digital development.

Open University Being Digital skills for life online – A range of self-assessment tests you can take to assess your digital literacy skills.

JISC Digital Media guide to video production – A comprehensive guide to producing video.

Educator’s guide to social media [PDF] – A useful guide for educators about the use and value of a wide range of social media sites that can support education.

Social media resources

Chris Rowell at Regents’ University

If you need more help with using Twitter, the site’s own support pages are a good introduction to the various things it can do. Or if you google your question or search on Youtube for video tutorials, you’ll also find that there are a host of resources that people have made and uploaded to help others. But perhaps best of all, your Twitter network itself is a great place to ask questions and find people who can answer them, as we’ve found on this course!


Seen in Week 2 video – pedagogy of blended learning.

Designed for video assessment where criteria can be set and the place in the video evidencing a particular criterion can be marked. Available in iOS and Android.