Skills Audit

My caveat

It is quite hard to assess one’s own skills so I am not sure if I have done so appropriately. But it’s a good checklist to think about.

The record of how I rated my skills

Thank you for completing the skills audit. Your answers are below. Identify any areas of weakness and make a note of them in your journal.

1.  I have a general understanding of how I can use technologies to enhance my students learning 8 / 10

2.  I have a good grasp of the language and culture (netiquette) of online communication 8 / 10

3.  I am aware of the broad range of digital study skills that my learners will need for successful academic study 8 / 10

4.  I know how to plug in and configure a microphone on my computer 8 / 10

5.  I know how to plug in and configure a webcam on my computer 7 / 10

6.  I know how to plug in and configure speakers on my computer 8 / 10

7.  I can use the microphone, camera and speakers on my mobile devices 9 / 10

8.  I am confident using a media player on my computer for viewing multimedia 10 / 10

9.  I am confident that I can make the most effective use of our virtual learning environment (VLE) 7 / 10

10.  I am aware of all of the tools available within our Virtual Learning Environment 8 / 10

11.  I know how to set up an electronic submission area in our Virtual Learning Environment for learners to submit assignments electronically 8 / 10

12.  I am confident about writing good threads for discussion boards to encourage learners to engage in effective collaborative study  7 / 10

13.  I am confident using Google docs to produce and share presentations and documents 9 / 10

14.  I understand how to set up a wiki for my learners to work on collaborative writing exercises 6 / 10

15.  I am aware of how I could use social media to support my learners 7 / 10

16.  I understand how to access and use a chat room for my learners to access 6 / 10

17.  I can tell my learners how to find free online courses on the Internet to support their studies 8 / 10

18.  I can create quizzes or tests online for my learners to test their knowledge and understanding  8 / 10

19.  I know how to audio or video record my teaching sessions for learners to use later 6 / 10

20.  I can find and recognise good quality learning material on the Internet to use with my learners 9 / 10

21.  I can find copyright free or creative commons licenced digital learning materials on the Internet 9 / 10

22.  I am aware of the range of ways that a mobile device could be used to support learners’ study 9 / 10

23.  I know how to use digital technologies to support learners with special educational needs 6 / 10

24.  I am able to give my students advice about staying safe on the Internet 8 / 10

25.  I know how to use digital technologies to support learners with special educational needs 8 / 10

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